the last rays of sunlight catch your wind swept hair for a moment waves crash with such violence against the shore beneath you but you don’t hear them or see them your eyes search in the dusky twilight, questing for the forever unseen without fail you will watch that invisible horizon for any hope patient... Continue Reading →


GRT – April

Topic Two: Worship Which Gaelic Gods do you Worship? Do you worship your Ancestors or otherwise participate in Ancestor Veneration and related practices? What about the Gaelic Heroes? The Fae? How long have you Worshiped them? Who came first? Last? Second? How did you establish your relationships with them, and how important is that relationship... Continue Reading →

My heart broke earlier for one of my students. Her father passed away on four months back and she gets hit with the grief hard at times, like tonight, and I just try my best to be a shoulder and an ear for her. Today, unlike other times, she mentioned something that she wanted to... Continue Reading →

polytheist journal entry 2

March 26, 2017 Today is another incredibly sunny day with fairly cool temps (11 above), but I woke up again lacking that rested feeling and I ache all over. I've been struggling in recent weeks with my knee pain returning and lower back pain joining the fray. I need to begin stretching routines and making... Continue Reading →

polytheist journal entry 1

March 25, 2017 You know, it's fucking hard to connect with a season when it's like -15 degrees every night and the snow piles are still up to your tits. I'm in sunflowers and bunnies phase but disconnected from what's around me. The only thing that's going on track for seasonal changes right now is... Continue Reading →

GRT- March

Topic One: Journeys Tell us a little bit about your practice; what kind of Gaelic Polytheism do you practice? Is it Historically Oriented or Eclectic? Are you a member of an Organization like OBOD or another one? Do you follow the Irish, Scottish, or Manx beliefs- or maybe a combination of the three? And more... Continue Reading →

Charities for Hel

American Red Cross- The American Red Cross prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors. Habitat for Humanity- Habitat for Humanity believes that every man, woman and child should have a decent, safe and affordable place to live. They build and repair houses... Continue Reading →

Get on your knees, on hard stones, grovel, until the words burst out of you like tears splashing to the earth, feeding the soil, feeding Them. Kneel there in agony until you know only the words that tumble out of your soul. Kneel till the pain is engraved on your skin, leaving marks that won’t... Continue Reading →

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