GRT- March

Topic One: Journeys

Tell us a little bit about your practice; what kind of Gaelic Polytheism do you practice? Is it Historically Oriented or Eclectic? Are you a member of an Organization like OBOD or another one? Do you follow the Irish, Scottish, or Manx beliefs- or maybe a combination of the three? And more importantly, how did you wind up at Gaelic Polytheism? What drew you to our faith and made you start practicing?

So I have only recently begun to include elements of Irish polytheism in my practice, but I can say that my faith as a whole now includes a fair amount of Irish lore (with regard to creatures and spirits) and a few goddesses of note. I have always had a close relationship with my Irish roots, which made it a complicated but easy decision to embrace that part of me in my faith. I practice a more eclectic version of Norse polytheism centered around goddess worship and my fulltrui Hel.

With Hel being my actual central deity, I do tend to focus on life and death. I am bound by my fascination with how much life there is around me and how death is such a strong force in maintaining life. From dormant plants in winter, to the spring mating activities of animals, and even to the everyday specter of death over humanity, I am a student of it. It was always a natural fit for me, I studied history in school. The past has always fascinated me, but also how the past is our anchor and teacher so that our future can be better.

So realistically, banshees were the stepping stone from simply being a Norse polytheist to being more of an Irish-Norse polytheist or Heathen. I loved stories of banshees when I was little, for no legit reason. I was an odd child. So when it came down to what spirits of myth I believed in, I had to look back to the islands of my ancestors.

I have not quite openly declared worship of any Irish goddesses, on Tumblr at least, but I have begun to make that adjustment to my practice. So far the inclusion of Brigid is for certain. Participating in the Gaelic Roundtable will be part of bringing this more to my blog so that my followers can see what’s going on with me.


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