polytheist journal entry 2

March 26, 2017

Today is another incredibly sunny day with fairly cool temps (11 above), but I woke up again lacking that rested feeling and I ache all over. I’ve been struggling in recent weeks with my knee pain returning and lower back pain joining the fray. I need to begin stretching routines and making smarter lifestyle choices (such as food and exercise). I worship goddesses concerned with life and health, so why be a lazy shit about this stuff? Sure, I mean, I have next to no spoons to use on certain things but forming good habits can really improve my quality of life. Just do it. Sounds so simple, but I have made changes and improved myself, so it can be done. I’m just so anxious about my future right now. Summer is coming and that means 3 months without my primary job’s income. I’m really worried that I could be left without income during that. I realistically could manage but saving this late in the game might be futile. I’ll be trying though. Better safe than sorry.


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