My heart broke earlier for one of my students. Her father passed away on four months back and she gets hit with the grief hard at times, like tonight, and I just try my best to be a shoulder and an ear for her. Today, unlike other times, she mentioned something that she wanted to do for her father but wasn’t sure if she could. She said she felt he was hungry and she needed to burn food for him, as her family and village do for the dead. She feels like some recent minor mishaps she’s had are because of his “hunger.” I told her that without a doubt I would do whatever I could to help her do that here. I can’t help but cry for her and with her when she has her tough moments. My empathy is always struck by the tears of others. I wish I had more experience with death, personally, so I could be better at giving wisdom beyond what I do try to do, but I just haven’t had the hard times of others. I still have never even cried for my grandmother and she lived with us throughout my childhood. It’s just not something I have in me for my own family. I want so much to help the children when these events happen (and they do happen so frequently).

I can at least rest easy tonight, knowing I did all I can for the immediate.


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