GRT – April

Topic Two: Worship

Which Gaelic Gods do you Worship? Do you worship your Ancestors or otherwise participate in Ancestor Veneration and related practices? What about the Gaelic Heroes? The Fae? How long have you Worshiped them? Who came first? Last? Second? How did you establish your relationships with them, and how important is that relationship to you? How integral is that relationship to your spirituality? Your religion? Your every day life?

I’ve only just recently embraced the Irish deities, so the who of it is still only tentatively Brighid, Airmedh, and Áine. I have a healthy interest in medicine, general well being, crafting, domestic everything, bright and airy life, and growing things during our very limited summer months. It also helps that one of those goddesses is my namesake, legal name at least.

I do have some limited ancestor veneration practices, but those tend to be around key holidays and are usually not to specific ancestors. Instead, I offer and pray to those ancestors in general who might see fit to help me out if I am in need, as well as those “honored” dead who are heroes in their respective areas of influence. This could be famous witches or monarchs or scientists, or just celebrities who did good deeds in life.

I am trying to delve more into the details surrounding the proper Irish Fae, because they have been largely influential in my childhood. I was raised on Irish myths and folk tales. I consumed so much lore that it became like a worm in my head, always there, just wiggling around to remind me that I do have some belief in the Fae and so with my recent faith changes, opening myself up to more Fae-related stuff has become important.

The first real step I have to take is to do due diligence and research Irish mythology. Once I can have a basic understanding of the stories, then I can begin branching out into reading some of the more modern books about the different deities and how Irish paganism works for different pagans. I want to really look into all these different areas, like the Fae, the other Irish entities, the goddesses I am worshipping, and modern lore (UPG) sparingly.

The other issue I really have that is hard to pin down people’s varying opinions on is the one of whether or not I can truly embrace Irish entities when living in such a different region of the world. I don’t want to step on the local entities but I also want to look into the spirits of flora/fauna and animals. So….*shrug* I have to think on it and decide how best to go about anything. I already avoid pouring alcohol on the ground here because of the heavily contentious nature of this land and it’s aboriginal cultures.


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