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I am twenty-eight years old and have been practicing witchcraft, in one form or another, since I was ten years old. I have identified as a pagan or polytheist for the last seven years. Much about how I practice my religion has changed over those seven years, and so who I was then is vastly different from who I am now. Now, I am a Heathen polytheist who actively worships a dozen goddesses from within the Norse and Irish pantheons. My witchcraft focuses on those pantheons as well as seasonal magic, baneful magic, death magic, and domestic witchery. On a more intimate level, I am a lesbian who still somewhat has asexual leanings, but has come to find that identifying myself as strictly lesbian is more comfortable and melds nicely with my worship of only goddesses.

I picked the name Lavender Juniper Heljardottir for myself in recent past. I love the plants of lavender and juniper, so the inclusion of them in my chosen name is part of my actively trying to take ownership over my own life. The “heljardottir” is translated to “Hel’s daughter,” and refers to my oath to Hel as my fulltrui. I consider her to be my primary goddess and I see myself as being “of her.”

In daily life, my work centers around working with high school age kids who are almost all ethnically Native American. I enjoy working with them and learning more and more about the tribes they are from and the culture they bring with them.


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